November 08, 2004

Bilal Hussein Dead Pool

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Via Six Meat Buffet and Charles Johnson some interesting pics out of Fallujah. According to the Geneva Convention, soldiers caught wearing civilian clothing are not afforded protection and are thus subject to summary execution. I say we start with Bilal Hussein, the SOB working for the AP who is in Fallujah putting out enemy propaganda. If he's not already dead, that is. I give him 48 hours, tops. From the looks of it, he's hanging out in the exact areas that the 'shaping the battlefield' bombs are dropping. And now that the battle has begun in earnest, I expect to hear from journalistic rights groups complaining that we targetted him when the MOAB fell on his exact location (not that I have anything against targetting him. (PS-Is that MC Hammer and why is he wearing a mask?)

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