November 08, 2004

Van Gogh Murder Linked to Spanish Terrorists, Muslim School Bombed

The plot thickens around the Dutch filmaker who was murdered for criticizing Islam. Expatica:

The assassination of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh may have been ordered by a fugitive Spanish terrorist, it has been reported.

Spanish authorities are assisting Dutch justice officials investigate possible links between the arrested suspect, Mohammed B., and Islamic extremists in Spain, the Wall Street Journal said on Monday.....

Police are holding six people in connection with Van Gogh's murder, including B., who was charged on Friday with the killing and membership of a group with "terrorist intentions". One of the suspects is a Spanish-Moroccan.

It had previously been revealed on 20 October that the Dutch intelligence service AIVD was investigating a Dutch link to eight people arrested for allegedly plotting a bomb attack on the High Court in Madrid.

A bombing before dawn Monday blew the front door off a Muslim elementary school in a southern town and extensively damaged the building in what police suspect was a revenge attack for the killing of a Dutch filmmaker last week.

No one was injured in the attack on the empty school, which came days after the arrest of a Muslim radical accused of killing filmmaker Theo van Gogh. Van Gogh, a distant relative of Vincent Van Gogh, released a film titled "Submission" in August that was critical of how women are treated under Islam.

The Tarieq Ibnu Zyad Islamic elementary school in Eindhoven, about 75 miles south of Amsterdam, is run by the al-Fourqaan Islamic Center, which oversees the town's al-Fourqaan mosque.

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