November 04, 2004

Blog Barfage....

Since I'm sick, let me just heave some link droppage. I'm reading these posts on my sick bed, so why not refer them? I just can't keep them down--stuff seems to be coming out every oraface! Crumpets get puked. Southern fried chicken upchuck. Arafish sushi spewage. Baghdad is beautiful, even when you're sick. Truth tonselitis. Dancing dizziness. News Hour enemas. My penis...well, let's not talk about that. Broken camel heave. Lefty gland lumps. Stern spew. A spoonful of crow. Delaware diarrhea. Naked fever. Concession crappage. Anti-American fever. Cabinet chlamidya. West Nile Virus. Student loan shiza. Che caca. Europussy puke. Liberal lameness. Dan dung. Gazpacho goo. High-tech heaves. France (just France).Green roughage, too much. Democratic diarhea. Oil-for-food farts. Draft dry-heaves. More blog bargage. Celebs make me sneeze. Pat myself on my own aching back. Cat cough. Homo hives. Laughing makes me hurt. I'm so ronery rauphing ralphing. Traitorous tetnus. Left blogging barfage. Vodka vomit, inconceivable! Asshole leakage. Hetero-HIV. Vote or die death watch. DU drowning. Shatner.

I need a blessing.

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