November 02, 2004

New Margaret Hassan Video Emerges

UPDATE 11/16: Margaret Hassan has been executed. Check this post for 11/16 update or go to MAIN PAGE for news, links to video, and images of hostages in Iraq.

Al Jazeera calls the film 'too graphic' to air, by which they mean it makes the jihadis look like the animals they are. This is the third video released of Hassan and the first one which gives a definite timeline. The terrorists now warn that if their demand that all women prisoners are not released in Iraq, Hassan will be killed. Margaret Hassan is Care International relief director in Iraq. Though Irish by birth, she is married to an Iraqi and had been a resident of Baghdad for years. Care International openly opposed the US led invasion of Iraq and the US sanctions during the Clinton administration.

UPDATE: Just learned via reader Laura and from Digger that the threat to kill Hassan was much more specific than earlier noted. The terrorists have threatened to turn Hassan over to Zarqawi for beheading within 48 hours if their demands are not met. Call it death by Zarqawi.

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