November 01, 2004

'Insurgents' Threaten to Use WMD in Fallujah

Note that the 'rebels' a) are led by remnants of Sadam Hussein's Army b) have chemical weapons c) are collaborating with Zarqawi's al Qaeda linked terrorist organization. The Australian:

AS the US reeled from the death of nine marines in Iraq at the weekend, insurgents in Fallujah claimed to have obtained chemical weapons and threatened to use them in any battle for control of the rebel stronghold.

Rebel commanders said chemicals such as cyanide had been added to mortar rounds and missiles that would be deployed against coalition troops reported to be preparing for a major assault on the town west of Baghdad.

A military committee made up of former officers in Saddam Hussein's army, including experts on chemicals and guerrilla warfare, is said to have been organising forces in Fallujah and planning tactics.

The committee is understood to include members of all the main insurgent groups, including that of Iraq's most wanted man, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the terrorist leader behind the beheading of several foreign hostages and a string of car-bomb attacks.

Brian at the Command Post wishes to avoid using the term 'WMD', but I don't mind one bit. The insurgents claim to have chemicals 'such as cyanide'--not just cyanide. Cyanide is representative of a broader class of chemicals they claim to have in their possesion.

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