November 01, 2004

Iranian Parliament Moves Nuke Program Forward Shouting "Death to America"

From the same country that stones 13 year old girls to death for incest comes this news. AP:

To shouts of "Death to America," Iran's parliament unanimously approved the outline of a bill Sunday that would require the government to resume uranium enrichment, legislation likely to deepen an international dispute over Iran's nuclear activities....

Some lawmakers broke out with shouts of "Death to America!" after the conservative-dominated parliament after lawmakers voted to advance the nation's nuclear program, an issue of national pride that provides a rare point of agreement between conservatives and reformers.

Parliament speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel called Sunday's vote a message to the world.

"The message of the absolute vote for the Iranian nation is that the parliament supports national interests," he said. "And the message for the outside world is that the parliament won't give in to coercion."

The legislation said the goverment is "required to make use of scientists and the country's facilities ... in order to enable the country to master peaceful nuclear technology, including the cycle of nuclear fuel."

John Little of Blogs of War tipped me on this story, and he ads this food for thought: John Kerry, as recently as the presidential debates, has propesed supplying this regime with nuclear fuel.

Vic at "Does anyone reading this even know what Kerry's position on Iran is? Let's get our allies involved? Let's get France and Germany and Britain involved? Let's get the international community involved? Let's get the IAEA involved? Let's get the UN involved? They already are."

G. Turner over at AIR links to Kerry's own words from his own official campaign website: "If this process fails, we must lead the effort to ensure that the IAEA takes this issue to the Security Council for action."

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