October 31, 2004

Trick or Terror? (Or Just Tinfoil)

by Bravo Romeo Delta

Just food for thought - when the Madrid bombings, and the subsequent defeat of Aznar occurred, I was telling friends and family that the decision of the Spanish made it a near certainty that more Americans would die before 11/2.

I then recalled that the Madrid bombings were three days before their election. Three days before 11/2 is 10/31. The odd coincidence is that, if you recall, after 9/11, there was a concern that Al Qaeda would attack the US that Halloween (which were later debunked).

I know this is fever swamp territory. Let me rephrase that... let's just say that I hope it really is tinfoil-hat grade reasoning.

(Simultaneously launched by Bravo Romeo Delta from Demosophia and Anticipatory Retaliation)

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