October 29, 2004

New bin Laden Tape Good News for Bush: Segments of American Public Call for al Jazeera to be bombed

Al Jazeera's airing of a new video taped message from Osama bin Laden is good news for President Bush's campaign hopes. Al Qaeda and their media allies at al Jazeera have pulled out all the stops they can in influencing the American elections. Unfortunately Osama bin Laden, al Jazeera, and the al Qaeda network do not understand the American people.

Al Jazeera's English language homepage has changed all of their headlines to reflect this last ditch effort by the Islamists to influence the elections. Their main headline story passes on the message from bin Laden that Bush reacted slowly to the events of 9/11 without any mention of the quick fall of the Taliban and bin Laden's own forced exile from Afghanistan.

Al Jazeera then follows this by running a discredited story written in April that President Bush was warned prior to September 11th of the impending attacks on the World Trade Center. Thus, they attempt to link bin Laden's accusation that Bush was uncaring with evidence that the President knew of the attacks in advance and did nothing.

If this were not enough, they then follow by posting a link to another old story. Those who do not bother to read the date would assume that the US Congress doubled the reward on bin Laden as a response to today's videotaped message. An attempt to show signs of fear and weakness on our part.

Following this post is a bone thrown to our European allies with an old story that bin Laden is willing to declare a truce with them if they will just stop supporting the US. While al Jazeera does not understand the American mind, they do understand the Europeans.

And what series of links at al Jazeera would be complete without the obligatory Abu Ghraib story?

The terrorists believe the American people are as weak as the Spanish, who they view as caving to their demands. The terrorists believe that bin Laden's criticism of Bush can only hurt him. The terrorists believe that the reason John Kerry has escalated his criticisms of the President is because they have sufficiently scared the Senator--something which is not true, but which they believe anyway. The terrorists believe that by escalating the threat of a near-term attack they will sway the elections towards Bush.

They are wrong on all points.

The American people will not give in to terrorism.

The American people will take any criticisms given by Osama bin Laden as a compliment to the President.

John Kerry may have escalated his criticisms of the President because he is a political opportunist, but not because he is afraid of terrorists.

Poll after poll show that the American people trust President Bush over Senator Kerry to handle terrorism. Any escalation in that threat will only help Bush.

Al Qaeda is attempting to alter the outcome of this election, just as they did in Spain, and al Jazeera is doing their best to help them. A recent videotaped message by American born al Qaeda operative Adam Yahiye Gadahn reveals the extent of the problem of the Islamists' propaganda outlet.

In the video, California native Gadahn spews forth virulently anti-American propaganda. He accuses Americans of killing innocent Muslims around the world and that we have blood on our hands. There is no insincerity in his voice. He believes that al Qaeda represents the good guys and the US represents the bad guys.

Why do so many around the world hate America? We can start with al Jazeera. Al Jazeera, and media outlets like it, blame all the world's ills on the United States. The context they provide for all images has a single unifying theme: the US is the cause of so much suffering in the world. When a picture of a dead child in Fallujah is shown, the context is that the US deliberately killed the child. When an image of a dead terrorist is shown, the context is that a freedom fighter met his fate at the hands of Imperialist aggression.

There is a reason that Osama bin Laden hates America, he believes us to be evil. There is a reason that Zarqawi murdered Japanese hostage Shosei Koda, he believed he was a spy sent by the evil Imperialist's ally. There is a reason that the Army of Ansar al-Islam murdered eleven Iraqi National Guardsman, they truly believed them to be collaborating with an enemy that routinely murders Iraqi civilians. There is a reason terrorists are demanding the release of female prisoners in Iraq in exchange for Polish hostage Teresa Borcz-Kalifa, they actually believe reports in the Arab press that American GIs are holding hundreds of woman in prison and that rape is routinely practiced by our soldiers.

In other words, many in the Muslim world are victims of the propaganda put forth by outlets such as al Jazeera. Al Jazeera and al Qaeda also believe they can foist this worldview upon the American people. They are wrong.

What will our response be to this propaganda effort? I am more confident now than I was just hours ago that President Bush will win reelection.

What should our response be to al Jazeera's propaganda efforts? Bomb al Jazeera now. Take it off the air. Destroy it.

Al Jazeera is directly responsible for the death of innocent Americans.

Al Jazeera is directly responsible for reinforcing the morale of our enemies in Iraq.

Al Jazeera is directly responsible for helping create an atmosphere of sympathy for terrorists around the world.

Al Jazeera is an enemy to the United States of America and a direct threat to our national securty. It is time we start treating them as such.

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