October 29, 2004

Japanese Hostage Shosei Koda Reported Dead in Iraq

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UPDATE 5/10: Army of Ansar al-Sunna website releases images of Japanese hostage Akihiko Saito. Images, story, and link to website.
One of my readers in the UK just informed me that Ch. 4 has just reported Japanese hostage Shosei Koda has been killed in Iraq. Shosei Koda was captured by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's terrorist organization two days ago and threatened with beheading if Japan did not pull all of its forces out of Iraq.


A Japanese man taken hostage in Iraq has been killed, Kyodo news agency says, citing information obtained by the Japanese government.
The Courier-Mail Australia, which identifies Koda as "a backpacker":
THE Japanese Government was told early today that a Japanese man taken hostage by militants in Iraq had been killed, the Kyodo news agency reported.

A body found near the Iraqi town of Tikrit was identified as that of Shosei Koda, a 24-year-old backpacker captured by militants, the news agency said.

Interesting that his body was said to have been found in Tikrit. Earlier reports today had denied that the body of an "Asian man" found in Tikrit was not that of the Japanese hostage.


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(Initial reports identified the man as Akio Koda, but later reports identified him as Shosei Koda. This post has been updated to reflect that)

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