October 25, 2004

Eugene Armstrong Beheading Video Pulled from College Art Show

Scroll down to the end of the story. You can show a guy jacking off--that's art--but you can't show the Islamofascists doing what they do best. Oh, and notice that the artists are 'almost as inhuman as' the terrorists who beheaded Armstrong. Right. Cutting a hostages head off and showing images or video in a concerted efforted to show the terrorists for what they really are is pretty much the same thing. Oh, FYI-Information, images, and links to the Eugene Armstrong beheading video can be found here. Sorry, no images of guys jacking off. Jackson Sun News:

Outrage from the Michigan family of beheaded hostage Eugene ''Jack'' Armstrong prompted Watkins College of Art & Design to pull a controversial video installation Friday from the Nashville exhibit in which it won first prize.

''We're so angry right now that we're about ready to jump in a car and come down there,'' said Cyndi Armstrong, the slain engineer's cousin by marriage, from her office in Hillsdale, Mich....

The school's decision to pull the work came against the wishes of Watkins students Elvan Penny and Scott westboro, whose ''Fearful Symmetry'' features a 40-minute video with audio that includes footage of Armstrong's beheading in Iraq late last month. Juxtaposed with images of American popular culture, including TV commercials, the footage is intended to jolt the viewer out of complacency and toward a greater awareness of violence in the world....

''We don't want to pull the video. We stand behind the work. But if the college pulls it, we're not going to fight their decision.''...

Armstrong charged that Penny and westboro are ''almost as inhuman as those people who did what they did to Jack.'' [nice comparison, and I guess Steven Spielburg is 'almost as inhuman as' the Nazis he portrays in Schindler's List]

The rest of the Watkins show is scheduled to reopen Monday. The other controversial work, Penny's photograph of a man masturbating, was originally to be draped in the main gallery, with a warning sign posted. The latest word is that it will not be draped. Instead it will be placed away from the show in an administrative area that's off limits to the public. Visitors will have to ask to see it. [story conitnues... ]

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