October 25, 2004

Kerry Lied, Jawas Died!!!

Wait, so the "big news" was that Kerry lied about meeting with the UN Security Council? I thought news, by definition, had to be--you know--sort of "new" or something, or at least something out of the ordinary. The video over at Daily Recycler is good for a few chuckles. Bill at INDC has some pretty interesting thoughts.

As for me, I'm not so troubled by Kerry's alleged meeting. Far more troubling to me is his naive belief that if only we had a different President, the UN Security Council would have acted different. This personality theory of foreign policy is unprecedented and dangerous. Instead of assuming that nations act out of their own national interests, it assumes that nations do each other favors based on personal relationships. Yeah, the French may be John Kerry's homies, but they aint gonna do him no props. Cause when it gets down to it they gots to get paid and national interest is thicker than malt liquor.

PS-my prediction on the left blogosphere reaction: Yeah, Kerry lied, but the TRUTH writ large is more important than the truth of the details. Oh, and at least when Kerry lied no jawas died!! (that and a week of scrambling showing how Kerry didn't really lie because, you know, he was in New York and did have beers with the ambassador from Zimbabwe).

Double-PS: Best photoshop ever!!

At what point does it stop being a PS?? Aylward and Spoons equally underwhelmed, but Bill and Kevin both pointed me to NZ Bear's reaction which is making me rethink this.

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