October 18, 2004

Tales of Interest!

After a long-weekend of no posting what's a guy supposed to do? That was a rhetorical question.

-Saddam Hussein's attorney met with Osama bin Laden? Whoa! Let's be cautious about this one.
-Label Club. I wonder if they'll be a folow-up post "Operation Mayhem"?
-Asian blog roundup. So are all those other countries Chinese or Japanese?
-Fake document alert. Ok troops, let's call some experts up.
-Mount St. Helens lava pics. Just cool.
-Pat Buchanan to endorse Bush? It looks like Pat is an avid Prof. Chaos reader.
-Zarqawi-bin Laden connection. I've been reporting this for awhile.

Ok, off to edumacate the masses.

*Last link. If you notice, if I took down those other blogs I would still be in the top 100 in the TTLB. In fact, as of today I'd be 74 instead of 69 (I said....). The thing I resent about this the most is that emigre e-mailed me about this and I responded BEFORE he put up the post, yet in his post he does not mention that. As I told him the reason I put up those other sites was because of Google (the Google savvy will understand this). None of those blogs are anonymous and all of them are up front about where the real main page is. And the Hot Iraqi Blonde thing? That was done as a blog experiment to test one of the Commissar's blog theories out. That is, if I posted two identical posts which would get the most hits? Funny how it turns out that a hot chick serving in Iraq would get more hits.

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