October 11, 2004

Indiana Jones Moment

Remember that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Dr. Jones is teaching and the one student has 'love' and 'you' on each of her eyelids? I had a similar experience today--only the 21st-century-post-MTV-way-dirtier version of that.

Querry: When a female student does something like that, what is the proper response? (keeping in mind that the Prof. is happily married and looking to stay that way)

UPDATE: Just to clarify, I am wondering how to handle the situation--NOT WONDERING HOW TO GET SOME ACTION W/O GETTING CAUGHT!!!!!! Yes, I'm sort of flattered. But I'm also embarassed, sickened, worried that when the chick forgets to take her lithium I'll find a dead rabbit on the stove, etc.

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