October 10, 2004

Kenneth Bigley Beheading Video Released

bigley1.jpgPictured right: Image from the videotaped beheading of Kenneth Bigley.

The Beheading video of Kenneth Bigley was posted to an Islamic bulletin board today. Images from the video and information on this sad news can be found at my original post and can be viewed by CLICKING HERE. The following are two links to the video, both are horribly graphic and should not be seen by minors. You can view the video in Real Player format by clicking here (courtesy of the Northeast Intelligence Network). The video can also be downloaded in Windows Media format by going to the Terrorist Media site, although you must sign up for a free password. Transcripts of Ken Bigley's last plea can be found at Blogs of War or Digger's Realm. The video is truly gruesome. In the video, Bigley seems unaware of his impending death. Instead, he pleas one last time for Tony Blair to give the terrorists what they want. Unfortunately for Ken Bigley, what the terrorists want is a world-wide Islamic state. A state where freedom of religion is a thing of the past. A state where Hindus and Buddhists are forced to convert or be killed. A state where Christians and Jews are second class citizens, what Muslims call dhimmis. [Hat tip: Digger, who e-mailed me about this.]

Images from the video and news updates can be found by CLICKING HERE.

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