October 08, 2004

Religion of Peace and Other Happenings

My Pet Jawa is getting slammed today, but there is other Religion of Peace news going on out there.

Al Qaeda may be behind yesterday's massacre of vacationing Jews in Egypt, says Israeli Intelligence Chief.

Indonesian Embassy in Paris Bombed and now Islamic group claims responsibility.

Allah's will is that Iran obtain at least two nukes by January

Shiites vs. Sunnis in Pakistan. 42 dead in yesterday's bombing. Despite declaration of martial law, violent protests erupt.

After months of US-led effort, UN finally to begin investigating genocide in Darfur. Star Wars Episode I replayed in real life!

Beslam victim update.

First Afghani elections EVER tomorrow. Hooray!!! What was that about the US being Imperialist and imperialism is bad, mmm-kay? Expect violence.

Oil for food scam getting more coverage. For complete coverage I suggest Friends of Saddam.

Cool pic of our boys hunting down the scum bastards in Iraq.

*Schtick Copyright Infringement Alert* (via Leather Penguin)

FBI siezes Indy media servers.

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