October 08, 2004

Kenneth Bigley Beheaded in Iraq

bigley1.jpg>UPDATE: If you are looking for the latest news and information on a more recent beheading/ murder video released by the terrorist bastards, PLEASE GO TO THE MAIN PAGE HERE.

Pictured right: Image from the videotaped beheading of Kenneth Bigley.

UPDATE 10/10: Kenneth Bigley beheading video was posted today. I have seen it. It is horrible. Links to the video and images from it below.

Abu Dhabi Television reports that British hostage Kenneth Bigley has been 'executed' by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's Tawid and Jihad terrorist organization. Reuters claims that UK government sources have confirmed Bigley's murder. On September 25th a message was posted on an Islamic message board claiming Ken Bigley had been beheaded [information here], but the report turned out to be false. However, today's report would be the first time a major media organization has claimed to have confirmation of Bigley's death. UPDATE: Video emerges of Bigley beheading. Links to video and images soon. Scroll down for updates.

Developing.....Expect frequent updates.

UPDATE I: Sources in Fallujah claim that Kenneth Bigley has been beheaded. Expect the release of a beheading video within the next 24 hours. Reuters:

British hostage Kenneth Bigley has been beheaded near Baghdad, insurgent sources in the rebel-held town of Falluja say. The sources said Bigley was killed on Thursday afternoon in the town of Latifiya, about 22 miles southwest of the Iraqi capital. They declined to say how they had got their information.
UDATE II: MSNBC (via Jeff Quinton) has a conflicting report about how Bigley was killed and that others might also have been killed. Is this an allusion that US or other Coalition Forces could hav been involved in a rescue attempt?
At the Pentagon, meanwhile, U.S. military sources told NBC News that they have reports from Iraq that Bigley might have been killed while trying to escape. The reports indicate that a number of "others" who might have been trying to help Bigley escape were also killed, the sources said.
UPDATE III: Al Jazeera also claiming Bigley was beheaded.

UPDATE III: Video surfaces of Bigly beheading. Reuters:

A video released by Muslim militants shows them beheading British hostage Kenneth Bigley, a Reuters witness says.

Bigley was shown making a statement as six militants stood behind him before one cut his head off with a knife.

UPDATE IV:Abu Dhabi television obtains Bigley beheading videotape. Bloomberg:
Abu Dhabi television has obtained a videotape that it says shows Bigley being beheaded by his captors, and it has decided not to broadcast the tape of the killing, said a network spokesman who asked not to be identified.
UPDATE V:Kenneth Bigley's brother blames Blair, has "blood on his hands." Reuters:
The brother of British hostage Kenneth Bigley said on Friday that Prime Minister Tony Blair had "blood on his hands".

In a statement to anti-Iraq war activists, issued after he had heard reports of his brother's apparent death, Paul Bigley said: "Please, please stop the war and prevent other lives being lost.

"It is illegal, it has to stop. Mr Blair has blood on his hands."

UPDATE VI: Bigley's family has proof that Ken is dead. What is so odd about this is that the British government cannot yet confirm Bigley's death, yet his family ca. The victim's younger brother, Paul Bigley, recently had his home Dutch Intelligence officers and his computer was siezed [details here] amidst allegations that Bigley's family was communicating with the terrorists. Reuters:
His brother said on Friday that Bigley had been killed, confirming earlier reports coming out of Iraq. "We can confirm that the family has now received absolute proof that Ken Bigley was executed by his captors," Phil Bigley, Ken's younger brother, said in a televised statement.
UPDATE VII: Blair reacts. No matter how much revulsion you think you feel upon hearing the news, when you see the video or images of it your revulsion level will reach unimaginable heights. Reuters:
"I feel utter revulsion at the people who did this, not just at the barbaric nature of the killing but the way frankly they played with the situation over the past few weeks," Blair told reporters on Friday. "I feel a strong sense, as I hope others do, that the actions of these people whether in Iraq or elsewhere should not prevail over people like Ken Bigley."
UPDATE VII: Allawi reacts. Reuters:
"This is a horrible, barbaric act," Allawi told Reuters. "We are determined to pursue those terrorists who killed Mr Bigley and put them on trial as soon as possible."

Allawi said there had been intense efforts to secure the release of the 62-year-old engineer, but no attempt to rescue him by force.

Asked if he knew why the kidnappers had chosen to kill Bigley at this time, he said: "Their intention from the start was to kill him, but they were trying to exploit this matter for a long time for publicity. Their intention was to kill him."

UPDATE VIII:Allawi claims no rescue attempt, but admits that security forces were sweeping area where Bigley was being held. Jon, of Gam Blog, tells me that British media are reporting that Coalition forces were getting near the safe-house Zarqawi was holding Bigley in. It is also being reported that a US bomb may have struck a Tawid and Jihad meeting in the neighborhood. These events may have scared Zarqawi enough that he decided to execute Bigley on the spot.

But make no mistake, Zarqawi would have killed Bigley sooner or later. The only reason Bigley lasted the 22 days in captivity that he did was because Zarqawi found the Brittish public so easily manipulated by his propaganda. Bigley's life was a propaganda tool in Zarqawi's hands. His death must not be forgotten, and his murderers hunted down like the vermin they are.

UPDATE IX: Straw confirms Biglye death, admits that contact had been made with terrorists, refuses to comment when asked if more than Bigley dead. Scotsman:

Four days ago, an individual approached the British Embassy in Baghdad, presenting himself as a potential intermediary with the captors,” he said.

“It was very clearly in Mr Bigley’s interest that we should do all we could to establish contact.

“Messages were exchanged with the hostage-takers in an attempt to dissuade them from carrying out their threat to kill Mr Bigley.

“But at no stage did they abandon their demands relating to the release of women prisoners, even though they were aware that there are no women prisoners in our custody in Iraq.

“Both the Prime Minister and I approved these communications and endorsed their content, which was in line with the public statements which both of us had made.

“Ken Bigley’s family in Liverpool and his wife in Thailand were kept fully aware of our communications with this intermediary.

“This afternoon, as you all know, the intermediary has provided us with proof beyond reasonable doubt that Ken Bigley’s captors have carried out their threat.

“Our hearts and prayers go out to Ken Bigley’s family, his colleagues and friends.”

UPDATE X: Requium Mass held for Kenneth Bigley in Liverpool.

UPDATE XI--Oct. 9th: Yesterday I played down reports that Kenneth Bigley had attempted to escape before he was murdered by [original Kenneth Bigley post here]. Today, multiple sources confirm that Bigley had attempted to escape before Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's Tawid and Jihad terrorist organization beheaded him. The interesting question, here, is how did the Iraqi authorities and MSNBC, who carried the story yesterday, get this information? Washington Times:

The British engineer who was held three weeks by Islamic extremists in Iraq before being beheaded managed to escape shortly before his video-taped murder.

Apparently, one of his captors helped Ken Bigley escape in the town of Latifiya, southwest of Baghdad, where he was being held, the BBC reported Saturday.

But he was recaptured about 30 minutes later and soon thereafter beheaded while a video camera taped the killing, Iraqi officials told his family.

UPDATE XII--Oct. 9th: Neither Abu Musab al-Zarqawi nor Islamic bulletin boards have posted the Kenneth Bigley beheading video yet. What is unique about this particular video is that the terrorists did give the video to al-Jazeera, their normal method of disseminating the initial video. Their normal MO is to then post the video to one of several Islamic bulletin boards, followed by posting the video to one of several websites closely associated with Zarqawi. Is this a good sign that Zarqawi is on the run and unable to take the time to get the video online? I hope so. Better yet, I hope he's dead.

UPDATE XIII--Oct. 9th: Bigley body found? One report says his body was found, but it conflicts with all other reports.

UPDATE XIV--Oct. 10th: Beheading video of Kenneth Bigley was posted to an Islamic bulletin board today. I have posted images from it below. The following are two links to the video, both are horribly graphic and should not be seen by minors. You can view the video in Real Player format by clicking here (courtesy of the Northeast Intelligence Network). The video can also be downloaded in Windows Media format by going to the Terrorist Media site, although you must sign up for a free password. Transcripts of Bigley's last words can be found atDiggers Realm or Blogs of War. The video is truly gruesome. In the video, Bigley seems unaware of his impending death. Instead, he pleas one last time for Tony Blair to give the terrorists what they want. Unfortunately for Ken Bigley, what the terrorists want is a world-wide Islamic state. A state where freedom of religion is a thing of the past. A state where Hindus and Buddhists are forced to convert or be killed. A state where Christians and Jews are second class citizens, what Muslims call dhimmis. [Hat tip: Digger who e-mailed me about it.]

Below: Images from the video. Graphic images in extended entry.

bigleytitle.jpg bigley2.jpg

GRAPHIC IMAGES OF THE VIDEO ARE BELOW. Warning, do not proceed. What follows will make you angry. Very angry.
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Images follow the timetable. Last chance. Do not proceed further!!

Kenneth Bigley hostage timetable, as reported by the Telegraph:

Thursday, Sept 16: Kenneth Bigley and two Americans - Jack Hensley and Eugene Armstrong - are seized by militants in a dawn raid in the wealthy Al-Mansour district of Baghdad.

Friday, Sept 17: Mr Bigley's family release a statement speaking of their grief at his abduction and begging the kidnappers to release the 62-year-old from Liverpool.

Saturday, Sept 18: Muslim extremists threaten to kill Mr Bigley and his two American colleagues within 48 hours if their demands are not met to free women prisoners in Iraq.

Monday, Sept 20: Mr Armstrong is executed. The militants delay their threats to kill Mr Bigley and Mr Hensley for a further 24 hours.

Tuesday, Sept 21: Mr Hensley is beheaded.

A Foreign Office spokesman says the Government will not change its stance and give in to the kidnappers.

Liverpool's Muslim and Christian leaders join forces in an urgent mercy appeal for Mr Bigley and his American colleague not to be executed - an appeal echoed by the Muslim Council of Britain.

Wednesday, Sept 22: A video of Mr Bigley making a direct plea to Mr Blair to save his life is posted on an Islamic website.

Thursday, Sept 23: Mr Bigley's wife, Sombat, and elderly mother, Lil, appear for the first time to make personal appeals for his release.

Friday, Sept 24: Thousands of leaflets carrying heartfelt written pleas for help from Mr Bigley's family are distributed in Baghdad.

Saturday, Sept 25: Reports on an al-Qa'eda-linked group website claiming that Mr Bigley had been killed are dismissed by the Foreign Office as coming from a "discredited" source.

A two-man Muslim Council of Britain delegation lands in Iraq aiming to meet religious leaders and urge the community to put pressure on the kidnappers.

Tuesday, Sept 28: Two Italian women aid workers held hostage for three weeks in Iraq are freed.

Wednesday, Sept 29: The Prime Minister insists he is doing "absolutely everything" to secure the release of Mr Bigley.

A communique posted on the website Al Qalah.com claims that Mr Bigley is to be freed imminently.

A tearful Mr Bigley appears kneeling behind bars in a new video recording shown on al-Jazeera and claims his captors do not want to kill him. He accuses Mr Blair of doing nothing to secure his release and brands him a liar.

Friday, Oct 1: More than 100,000 leaflets, each containing a personal plea from Mr Bigley's family, are distributed in Baghdad.

Saturday, Oct 2: Paul Bigley says he is looking into reports that a new Iraqi militant group has intervened to help negotiate the engineer's release.

Sunday, Oct 3: Members of the Gaddafi family pledge to support efforts to free Mr Bigley.

Tuesday, Oct 5: The Irish Government issues Mr Bigley with an Irish passport in an attempt to secure his release.

Friday, Oct 8: British Diplomats say they are investigating reports that Mr Bigley is dead following reports on Abu Dhabi Television that he had been killed by his captors.

LAST CHANCE!!! Beheading images follow!! Warning, do not proceed!!







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