September 30, 2004

All your 'moderates' are belongs to us!

Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, called by the jerkoffs at MSNBC a 'moderate', is exposed by Allah. And since MSNBC ripped me off I'm not in the most forgiving of moods towards them either. But notice how Allah's post exposes the conclusion first, find evidence to support the conclusion last methodology of the mainstream media. "I went to Columbia, I must be a qualified policy analyst!" Also, have you ever met a radical who admitted they were a radical? It's not so much that people lie when you ask them where they are on any scale as much as it is that we all tend to think of ourselves in the middle of the measurment scale. This is why Kos, or the left-wingers over at Media Matters (like Kool Aid Man) can get away with calling the MSM right-wing. When you have seats on the ten yard line, but think you're on the 50, the whole game seems to be played different. The same thing applies to religion. [Note to Allah: It's My young Paduan learner, biyaatch!]

Speaking of MSNBC and KY Jelly, I hear Imus is a moderate.....[via Pimp Aylward]. As long as we're harping on the MSM, why not go read Iowahawk's new piece? It's funny because it's Dan Rather true. And speaking of the MSM, it looks like Philip Shenon, a reporter from the most moderate of all MSM outlets (the New York Times), decided to warn a moderate Muslim charity that the FBI was about to raid the altruistic charity's headquarters. Now the fascist Department of Justice, headed by well-known right-wing Christian fundamentalist and non-moderate John Ashcroft, is going to indict his moderate ass.

Now, back to the issue at hand: Muslim moderates. Remember all those moderates that Bush-Hitler decided to let out of Gitmo after he caved to the cult of international law? You might recall that the Pakis iced one of them after he rejoined the Taliban. Well, it looks like another of those moderates decided that the way he would spread his moderation would be to join the Chechens in their great and moderate cause of raping and killing children while they drive the evil Russian Crusader forces off the sacred soil of Islam. The only hitch in Slimane Hadj Abderrahmane moderate plan is that he's a citizen of Denmark and the Danes, being the right-wing Scandinavian fascists that they are, are considering locking him up again. Note to Danish left: Crown Prince Frederik=Hitler.

A couple bright spot today. First, it looks like Iran is on the verge of a moderate revolution. This time the word moderate actually means what I think it means, you know not-radical. Roger L. Simon tipped me off to this news from Activist Chat. I know many in the State Department like to call the current regime in Iran a moderate one, but I for one have this old fashioned belief that if you support terrorists who like to blow up the very recently circumcised that this is an indication that you are slightly outside the realm of moderation. Good luck to the students and other revolutionaries fighting on the streets of Persia today. Let's send out some prayers or Karma or whatever my readers are into to help the revolutionaries keep their groove on. Me? I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Second, Jane of Armies of Liberation has another editorial printed in the Arab News. The interesting thing about the Arab News is that it is the official propaganda arm of the Saudi government aimed at Western audiences. It has long been a bastion of moderate anti-Semetism and moderate Bush-Hitlerism. However, since al Qaeda began making good on their threats to take down the moderate Saudi regime, the Arab News has in fact begun to moderate. Let's just say the Saudis are becoming more moderate than their previous level of middle-of-the-roadness. Good job Jane.

I support moderate Muslim regimes before I didn't support them. No, the Yemenis aren't what you would normally call moderate. Call me a hypocrite, the word might actually apply in this case, but I'm all for non-moderate regimes killing other Muslims that are an inch less moderate than they are. Two ever so unmoderate terrorists have been sentenced to death in Yemen for their part in the USS Cole bombing. I'll go with Sharia option B: stoning. Unrelated question. When they execute someone by firing squad they usually hand out one rifle with a blank in it so that squad members can live with themselves by imagining they were the one who shot the blank. Do moderate Muslims hand out something like that to the stoning mob? I dunno, maybe one of those faux rocks you buy at a gag-store?

You ever wonder what moderates Muslims teach their children? Below [in extended entry] is a family photo I got from a moderate Muslim website. Ah, the family that slays together stays together. I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way toward the moderate Islamic state.

Gratuitous domestic moderation and moderate link whorage: Does John Kerry really believe the French are moderates? And Gordon get's the title of this post absolutely right, even if he basically stole the rest of it from a certain moderate Communist. And what would a post on moderation be without a link to Joe Gandalman, the Moderate Voice on bloggers vs. the MSM [via the moderately sober Steve Green]? More thoughts by Ed Driscoll.

I'm off to class to give a moderately easy test to my Public Administration class. Of course, all tests seem easy when you know the answer. E-mail me if anything moderately interesting happens while I'm in class.


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