September 28, 2004

Omar Bakri Mohammed Interview

Omar Bakri Mohammed was interviewed on a British radio program yesterday. Jon of Gam Blog UK has the transcripts. In it he rationalizes terrorism, insists that fighting against the UK in Iraq is just, and backs away from earlier statements he had made threatening the lives of two British Muslim envoys who are in Iraq trying to secure the release of Kenneth Bigley.

Who is Omar Bakri Mohammed? He is the spiritual leader of the extremist sect al-Muhajiroun in Great Brittain. Here are some quotes by Omar Bakri Mohammed, you guess if the extremist sect I'm talking about is a radical offshoot of the Methodists. Speaking of attacks against British soldiers in Iraq:

"If an Iraqi Muslim carried out an attack like that in Britain, it would be justified because Britain has carried out acts of terrorism in Iraq."
And speaking of who is "really behind" the attrocities in Beslan Russia:
"The Mujahideen [Chechen rebels] would not have wanted to kill those people, because it is strictly forbidden as a Muslim to deliberately kill women and children. It is the fault of the Russians"
Right. Religion of peace and all that. Omar Bakri Mohammed is most well known for the conference he organized on 9/11--to celebrate it!!

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