September 28, 2004

Chechens Held in Murder of Forbes Editor

JQuinton has the story. My thoughts on this are mixed. It's been awhile since I lived in Russia, but there was a pretty consistent theme among the population when I was there: blame the Chechens. And I don't mean blame them for all acts of terrorism, which is probably a pretty fair assumption to make in Russia, but I mean blame them for everything. It was pretty much agreed upon by everyone I talked to that Chechens were responsible for much of the criminal enterprises in the Moscow region. Another thought is that the Moscow police aren't the most professional organization in the world and don't hesitate to beat confessions out of prisoners--especially prisoners who have, shall we say, 'darker skin'? I'm not going to say I'm skeptical about the arrests--rather, we'll call it a healthy neutrality until all the facts come to light.

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