September 27, 2004

I'm a blog pimp, and your links are my whores!

No time for the morning breakfast roundup today. My students were pissed! Note to students: it might help if you, er, actually read the textbook.

So what is up in the blogosphere?

-Bill at INDC on Iraqi WMD. Also, Mary Cahill says "We'll take the ni**ers and the chinks, but we don't want the Irish!"
-Remember all those innocent people that were oppressed at Guantanamo Bay? We let one go, he re-joined the Taliban, we iced him. Sounds like justice to me.
-Joyner documents liberal bias at the WaPo.
-Have I mentioned my bid to become a Google News source today? Well, Broder thinks I'm full of it and John Hawkins comes to my rescue.
-Simon on communism. Guess what? It still sucks!
-Commissar on Rather's replacement.
-Steve has the 4-11 on the Kerry bling-bling.
-Pull my finger.
-Today is Sam Adams' birthday!
-Gratuitious patio building.
-Stop the vote! Seriously. I just had 20% of my students miss this question: "Who is the Vice President of the United States?" Please don't vote!
-I resemble that remark!
-Forget the polls, it's the halloween masks that tell who will win.
-JFK and assault rifles. "I know about one model, the, in Vietnam...." Malkin makes she's slightly more pleasant to think of blogging in her PJs than Steve. Slightly.
-Flea (Canadian) and John Donovan (not-Canadian) on great military figures in history and the 2004 election.
-The Llamas doing some investigative reporting to get to the bottom of Ham Sammich-gate.
-Saddam Hussein for President? No, King.
-Swifties being vindicated in mainstream press.
-Leather Penguin on Wonkette (I said....)
-Palis kidnap CNN reporter. Is it Stockholm Syndrome if you already believed the terrorists were the good guys?
-Yo momma! I just like the sound of that.
-More on Syria. Nice new design Chad!
-Olliver Willis will be jealous!
-No way, are you nuts!!?? Amen.

I'm pooped. Yeah, I really did read all of those posts. Seriously. Now, back to grading.

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