September 25, 2004

Idiotic Reader Mail from Zeropa

I'm getting a lot of hateful conspiracy filled comments these days. But this one seemed so sincere, I thought I'd share it.

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Clinton almost got impeached for being a human! In Bush's case it makes no sense to impeach him for that. Never before in the history of the US a president used his power for his own (or his friends) purposes like Bush.

Already we see the effects of Michael Moore coming out. It just gets better

Even if this means to kill thousands of innocent people. Everybody in Europe knew that the so-called weapons of mass destruction were pretended, the UN-inspectors didn't find any of them before the war.

Really? Then how come EVERY, and this means ALL, that's 100% for the dense out there, EVERY European intelligence service agreed that there were WMD in Iraq? Freaking moron.

But the public of the US does not have the possibility to get information. On
CNN they showed that Annan criticizes the politics of the US for a short time, but then they showed the president of Australia criticizing Annan. Why didn't they show the other 95% presidents who support Annan.

You idiot, CNN shows criticisms by your gaywad Zeropean leaders all the time. Why don't you shut the hell up and go back to watching your state-run Zeropean media? It's your continent's media that does not see the entire picture. It's a media run by an elite five miles to the left of the Clinton News Network and that runs conspiracy theories about oil and Bush's evil intentions as if they were fact. You are brainwashed you dickhead.

Look what Bush got: He turned iraque into a pool for all fundamentalistic killergroups, like a new taliban-afghanistan.

Possible good point. Instead of paying of Hamas bombers to kill Jewish babies, the Iraqi militants are now targetting other non-Jewish Westerners.

Superparty of the arabic terror, sandbox for the islamic killers, everybody can try his skills. Under Saddams regime there were no terrorgroups in Iraque.

Typical Zeropean viewpooint, reflective of the raging anti-Semitism in Europe that doesn't see killing Jews in Israel as terrorism.

For a long time the war was so-called won. If it where so, why do we
have these terrible pictures.

??? Read that with a Spanish lisp and you still might not understand it.

But some weapon and oil-industries made good money, paid by whom? The
American public! Bush's fiends earned money, that is what counts

Again, typical left-wing rhetoric. Why do Zeropeans believe this shit? Easy, because that is what theire state-run oligarchies crank out. The stuff they run looks like the worst Michael Moore propaganda out there.

Under Bush the US have lost their consideration in the world.

True enough. But that is because you are a bunch of pussy appeasers with their heads up Michael Moores enormous ass.

There should be another punishment. Sometimes the outdated death
penalty is still useful.

What the hell are you talking about? This was posted to the Eugene Armstrong Beheading Video post. Are you seriously implying that the terrorists should do away with the death penalty or what? Like Eugene Armstrong was a guy who got some sort of due process before they put a knife to his throat and cut off his head? Truly your brain was cut off along with your tiny Spanish balls at one point in your life. Maybe this was a swipe at the US death penalty?

Oh, wait, maybe you are saying Bush should get the death penalty? Since this is a PG-13 site I will reserve my choicest words, but you are an asshole of the highest caliber. A guy gets his head sawed off by the Religion of Peace and you want Bush to die? Dickheads like you make me sick. No wonder Europe is headed down the path of dhimmitude with guys like you offering the KY to the terrorists as you bend over and take the ass reamings they dish out.

Greetings from Spain!

Yes, surprise, land of appeasers.

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