September 22, 2004

Zarqawi Releases Video of Kenneth Bigley Begging for his Life

Kenneth Bigley hostage video and images are below.

UPDATE 10/08: Kenneth Bigley is confirmed dead in Iraq. Reuters claims sources in Fallujah have confirmed the Kenneth Bigley has been beheaded. The initial reports of Bigley's death, first reported here, turned out to be false. However, several independent sources now confirm his death. Updates, news, information, links to video, images, and pics can be found at the MAIN PAGE or by CLICKING HERE to 10/08 report.

UPDATE 9/25: Website Claims British Hostage Ken Bigley Executed, Doubts raised about website's credibility. Probably a hoax. Click link above for more iformation.


In an 11 minute and 5 second video just released, British hostage Ken Bigley begs for his life.

The video, released by Zarqawi's Tawhid wa Jihad group on the Ansar message board, shows a visibly nervous Bigley, clad in an orange jumpsuit, making an appeal to the British and American governments.

Below you will find links to the video and images of Ken Bigley's pleas.

Link to video.

Images from the video:

bigleytitle.gif bigley1.gif bigley2.gif

On the video Bigley is heard begging Tony Blair to meet the terrorists demands. He says that the "terrorists are not asking for much. All they want is their wives, their daughters, their mothers." He also begs the citizens fo the UK to contact the government. Unfortunately for Mr. Bigley, the terrorists believe, falsely, the the Coalition is holding many female prisoners. They are not. Only two females are being held, both with ties to the Saddam Hussein regime. Do you see why I believe al Jazeera ought to be bombed? Because they spread the kind of propaganda that the terrorists believe. They actually believe that the US is there to rape their women, kill their children, and imprison their mothers. I feel truly sad for Mr. Bigley. I would probably beg for my life too had I been in his place. God bless your soul and speed it to heaven.

The last images in the video are pure propaganda. The first reads "Does a British civilian worth anything to Blair?"


The second "Will he try to save this hostage or will he not care?"


The last "Do leaders really care abou their people?"

The terrorists are attempting to blame Blair for this man's imminent death.

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