September 21, 2004

Good Morning Blogosphere!

Blogs for breakfast? Hey, it beats cold pizza. It's the blog breakfast link drop.

-Pray for Burkett's soul.
-Swedish meatballs, hallal. Dhimmitude in Scandinavia update.
-Lucy I'm home! Now make me breakfast with a side of forged documents.
-Snap, crackle, pop--al Qaeda planning something big.
-Red jam all over blue toast. State polling numbers are out, not good for Lurch.
-Avocados will settle any Karl Rove related indigestion.
-French Toast.
-Java, served by Michael Moore.
-Turkey spleen pate.
-Offensive? Yes. Funny? Yes.
-Hagel Bagel at QandO's new digs.

And that's what I had for breakfast. Now excuse me while I go educate the masses.

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