September 16, 2004

Blog Pimp Alliance

You too can get your own pimpafied name here. Me? I'm Macktastic Rusty Wicked (UPDATE: Feel free to steal the little Alliance logo I ripped-off created to the right)

What other pimps are out there in the Blogosphere? (With apologies to all you fine hos, evil Glenn Reynolds, and the Alliance) Let's ask the auto-pimp name generator magic 8-ball!

Glenn Reynolds: President Reynolds Quick, aka Fadeproof Instapundit Rock
Steve Green: Master Pimp Green Slim
Bill Ardolino: Devious Honey Bill Joker
Allah: D. Magical Allah Flava, aka Delicious Moon Lord Loco
Dean Esmay: Funk Master Dean Rock
Kevin Aylward: Mr. White Chocolate Aylward Tickle
Donald Sensing: Tricktickler Donald Luthor
James Lileks: Master Pimp J. Slick
Roger L. Simon: Silver Tongue Simon Ice
Dave Adesnik: Funk Master Adesnik Squeeze
James Joyner: Diamondtrim J. Valentine
Commissar: Papa Commissar Smooth
Tim Blair: Dopetastic T. Flex
Ace: Papa A. Beautiful
Boi from Troy: Sugartastic Troy Rockefeller
Hugh Hewitt: Fadeproof Hewitt Slim
Jeff Goldstein: Bishop Don J. Slick
Jeff at Beautiful Attrocities: Sticky Fingers Wonkette Flex
SDH: Trick Magnet S. Jazz.
Jeff Quinton: Treacherous Quinton Dogg
Michael Cooper: Master Fly M. Skillz
Gordon the Cranky Neocon: Pimp Daddy Neocon Joker
Barry Johnson: Bishop Don Barry Shmoove
Kevin McGehee: Tricktickler McGehee Loco
Crack Young Staff: Papa Staff Sneed
David Burge: Stealth Maestro D. Clinton
Chris Cross: Vicious D. Cross Love
David Anderson: Treacherous David Jazz
John Hawkins: Silver Tongue Hawkins Ice
Infidel Cowboy: Big Playah Cowboy Smooth
Interested Participant: Fine Ass Interested Sweetness
Brian B: President B. Slick
Rob: Pimp Daddy R. Tickle
Stan: Sticky Fingers Svodnik Smooth
Leopold Stotch:
TC Leather Penguin: Mack Master TC Smooth
Johnny Red: Sweet Chocolate Red Sweetness
Cam Bass: Sweet Chocolate C. Shizzle
Buckethead: Master Pimp Minor Perfidy Slim
Preston Holmes: Devious Honey Holmes Flow
Wild Bill: Sheik Wild Smooth
Iron Bear: Reverend Bear Tickle (also Sullie's nickname)
Marc: Fadeproof M. Dazzle
Stix: Reverend Doctor Doug Slim
Luka: Sugartastic Luka Squeeze (ho)
Jordon the Politicker: Sheik J. Skillz
JohnL:Vicious D.J. Slim
Demosophist: Deacon Dr. D. Dazzle
Ubu: Reverand Doctor Ubu Slim
GOP&College: Dopetastic S. Squeeze
Suzy Rice: Fadeproof Suzy Joker (ho)
Smoke Eater: Reverend M. Dazzle
Digger and The Man: wait...those are pretty pimp as it is.

Want to get pimpafied? Link to this post and we'll put you up. Sorry, beeyatches, no ho name generator yet. Maybe you could come up with one yourself?

Via Fine Ass M. Ice who in turn was pimped by Macktastic R. Tickle who seems to have been played by Pimp Daddy M. Silk

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