September 16, 2004

American Hostages Named

Earlier I reported that two more American hostages have been taken in Iraq. Reuters now names them as Jack Hensley and Eugene Armstrong. The third hostage's name will be released later, after the British authorities have contacted his family.

All three worked for Gulf Supplies and Commercial (GSCS) services, a Doha Qatar company. On 4/16/2003 GSCS was awarded a contract by the US Army Corps Of Engineers for "Life Support Services". On 3/14/04 GSCS was awarded a $47 million dollar contract with with the Coalition Provisional Authority for "Base Camp Life Support". GSCS also has several sub-contracts providing services in Iraq, including: building and servicing camps for coalition forces and civillian construction workers, installin LAN equipment and other telecommunicatins equipment, servicing Seabees engages in building orphanages and other infrastructure improvements, and other general contracting and servicing projects.

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