September 16, 2004

Beef: It's what's for breakfast

So you decide to call it a day early and what happens? All hell breaks loose. Evil Glenn Reynolds pitches two softballs to Quinton and he instalaunches them out of the park. Way to go, dude! But where's my Instalaunch? What about Rusty? *sigh*

Well, let's see all the links I missed over night. We call this little bit, the morning breakfast link drop. What's for breakfast today? Bill Burkett and Dan Rather.

-Morning music: Iron Maiden. No, I take that back: the Ramones.
-Don't forget to say grace and thank Allah for all the links that matter.
-Green eggs AND ham? I do not like them Dan Rather-man. Quinton on the case.
-In Russia we eat kasha. Horosho deteknivi robotaet! And kasha casts a long shadow. Where did I eat kasha? In Moscow, moron. If you're ever there, I highly recommend heading to the Great Patriotic War memorial which is built at the spot of furthest advancement for the German Army. Is the Killian memo the equivelant of the Russian winter to European armies?
-Did you know that bear is a much loved meat of choice in some cultures? There's nothing like waking up to some good bear after an evening at a Broadway musical followed by long night of hedonism at the disco.
-In Virginia they eat grits. Grits are kind of like kasha, only you'll never hear Dan Rather say "Kiss my kasha" to the blogosphere. It just doesn't sound right.
-What do Kinko's employees eat for breakfast? Brauts.
-However, and as much as Jeff Goldstein would hate to admit this, in Abilene there is only one food group: Beef. And to drink? How about a hearty cup of Joe, but, er, they call it something different down there in Texas.
-At the other end of the political spectrum, in MA they eat cake for breakfast.
-How much does breakfast cost in Texas these days anyway? A buck fiddy.
-And last but not least, when it comes down to it, always be cautious when dishing out breakfast. You never know when your idle speculation will come back to bite you in the arse.

PS-always eat breakfast in pajamas. Always.

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