September 15, 2004

Russia Update

The first indictment in relation to the Beslan school massacre has been filed against Nurpasha Kulaev, a Chechen national, on at least nine charges, Pravda reports. Pravda also reports that authorities have recovered the bodies of at least 30 terrorists. Ten terrorists, so far, have been identified by nationality. One hundred and twenty-two former hostages are still hospitalized. Fifty adults and 25 children are listed in critical condition. Elsewhere, Chechens downed a Mi-24 helicopter on Monday, killing two crew members. In news that is probably somehow tangentially related to Kitty Kelley, Pravda also warns of UFO clouds abducting humans.

CNN is reporting that it was a 'bribe' that got the two female Chechen suicide bombers on board a flight they later managed to blow up. The names of the two suspected terrorists are Aminat Nagayeva and Satsia Dzhebirkhanova. No word if that was cash or Visa.

Two illegally scalped tickets, including airline bribe: $69-$100.
The chance to blow up a plane full of infidels: priceless.

One of two female suicide bombers who set off explosives on Russian passenger jets, killing all 89 aboard, bribed her way aboard the plane, according to Russian Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov.

Ustinov made his comments on the August 24 crash in an interview with Interfax news agency and the Russian newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

The prosecutor general said a man identified by his last name as Artyunov was illegally selling airline tickets at the airport. He helped the two women obtain tickets after taking 2,000 rubles ($69) from one and 3,000 rubles ($103) from the other.

He then bribed a Siberia Airlines official responsible for controlling passenger registration and boarding by paying him 1,000 rubles ($35). The suicide bomber was able to board the plane en route to the southern Russian town of Sochi.

The prosecutor general also said the two women, identified as Aminat Nagayeva and Satsia Dzhebirkhanova, from Grozny, Chechnya, earlier had been taken into custody when they arrived at Moscow's Domodeveo airport accompanied by two Chechen men.

Police officers confiscated their passports and handed them over to a police captain responsible for anti-terrorist operations for a further check. The captain let them go without checking them and they set about obtaining tickets for the later flights in the same building.

Both the man illegally selling tickets and the Siberia Airlines official have been arrested, according to Ustinov.

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