September 13, 2004

Prager Show: Liveblogging

I'm listenning to Prager now, hosted by the guys at Powerline, Mitch of Northern Alliance Radio Network, Lileks, and others.. Charles Johnson is being interviewed. Awesome. Listen live here.

12:18 Charles talks about the probability that documents are real. Slim to none. Talks about his superimposing experiment which can be found here. Virtually identical to modern Word document. A full list of Charles' posts can be found here. This flash movie also overlays a Word created document making the same point, but is uses a different font. (via Commisar who got it from Dudemasicus)

12:21 Coming up, interview with the guys from Kerryspot. It's Jim Geraghty.

12:26 How does the story compare to the Jason Blayre mess at the NY Times? This is worse. Obvious forgeries, duped or complicit.

12:35 Commercial break. I was in class this morning. I wish I had heard the earlier part of this broadcast.

12:39 Caller "Everybody is a Bush loving idiot who listens to Talk Radio...Dennis Prager is a self-hating Jew" Conpiracy theories..Bush/Haliburton, blah blah.

12:42 John Fund of WSJ up next.

12:44 Commercial. Stupid capitalism. Why liveblog this? Why not? Never done it before, plus I'm technically on my lunch break.

12:48 Nope, it's Scott Ott. He called in. Funny. He's plugging his e-mail post. Is Scott Ott that much of a whore to plug his blog on national radio? Yes. Dumb question. Kudos for your whorishness!!

12:50 Now it's John Fund. Talking about the potential for lawsuits in the upcoming election. Dem lawyers waiting to file lawsuits in keys states. Man, I am not looking forward to the day after the election. I usually stay up late. Why do I have the feeling that it will be weeks or months before all the lawsuits are settled? Thanks a lot Al Gore, you prick.

12:56 Q: What is the deal with the bumper music? Come on, Sheila-E???

1:11 Kerry carried around a hat that belonged to a CIA agent he dropped off in Cambodia? Never heard that one. Pretty freaking funny since he's never been to Cambodia.

1:52 Interesting, interesting, very interesting...but now I've lost interest.

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