September 10, 2004

Forget Dan Rather, I Demand an Apology from Tom Harkin

Forget Dan Rather, Tom Harkin is the real slimeball here. Yesterday the old media at CNN led footage of Tom Harkin demanding an investigation into George W. Bush's alleged failure to obey a direct command to report for a physical and some media continued the story today:

"Character counts, especially in the president of the United States," Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, said at DNC headquarters.

"If the president lies about this, he could lie about how we got into Iraq," he added....

"There's a difference here, there's a real difference here," Harkin said. "There's documents to back up John Kerry. The documents do not back up George W. Bush."

The Vietnam War was not the real issue, Harkin said. The real issue, he said, was that Bush has continued to lie about his service during recent interviews.

"The president has repeatedly insisted he did not receive any special treatment to get into the (Texas Air National) Guard. We now know this isn't true."

"This is not about whether George W. Bush met his commitment, served his country 30 years ago," he said. "This isn't about Vietnam. ...

"This is about George Bush sitting in the Oval Office telling Tim Russert, quote, 'I did my duty.'

"We now know this was not true. And the president also knows, and knew, this is not true."....

"Democrats did not make this an issue. The president did," Harkin said.

"He made it an issue by not being truthful about whether he did his duty for America, (and) he made it an issue by falsely claiming all of his records had been released." ....

"These are not allegations. These are not speculations. These are hard, cold facts," Harkin said. "And the president, and only the president, can clear it up."

This is an outrageous statement now that we know the reports that he 'violated a direct order' are based on what are probably forged documents? I demand an apology from this man. Where is the accountability out there? Where are you good Iowans? Don't let Harkin get away with this.

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