September 09, 2004

Former Guardsman: Bush served with me in Alabama

Now can you guys just shut the hell up? Of course, over at the DU there will be whining that the guy is a NASCAR fan, which is code for bigot-segregationist-homophobe who wants to starve children and force women back into using coat-hangers. USA Today, via Kevin Aylward:

A retired Alabama Air National Guard officer said Friday that he remembers George Bush showing up for duty in Alabama in 1972, reading safety magazines and flight manuals in an office as he performed his weekend obligations.
"I saw him each drill period," retired Lt. Col. John "Bill" Calhoun said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press from Daytona Beach, Fla., where he is preparing to watch this weekend's big NASCAR race.

"He was very aggressive about doing his duty there. He never complained about it. ... He was very dedicated to what he was doing in the Guard. He showed up on time and he left at the end of the day."

PS-Yesterday I saw a representative of Texans for Truth make the following challenge on the Chris Matthews show, (quote from memory) "We challenge the Bush administration to produce one person who recalls George W. serving in the Alabama Air National Guard." Um, okay, done. Now what? Balloon-juice reveals who this group really is.

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