September 09, 2004

Kitty Kelly, Bitch/Liar/Skank/Evil

Via Captain Ed who continues to ignore my brilliant expose on the real Kitty Kelley comes the news that the only source for the outrageous allegation the George W. Bush did coke at Camp David, his estranged ex-sister-in-law Sharon Bush, denies the story. I smell libel suit:

But Sharon Bush, who is divorced from the president's brother Neil, said in a statement: "I categorically deny that I ever told Kitty Kelley that George W. Bush used cocaine at Camp David or that I ever saw him use cocaine at Camp David. When Kitty Kelley raised drug use at Camp David, I responded by saying something along the lines of, 'Who would say such a thing?'
PS-I can already hear the DU posts about 'payoff', 'bribery', and 'threats'.....

PS-Some other bloggers are also on the case, and have some keen insights: McGehee, Bits, Brain Shavings, Slant Point, DD Sez even has an intelligent remark in there somewhere

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