September 08, 2004

Three Muslim 'Informants' Beheaded by the Religion of Irony

What was that line again about Islam and peace and only a few and all that stuff? The borders of Islam are indeed bloody. Russia and India are our new natural allies in this war. Hindustan Times:

Three Muslims were dragged out of their homes and beheaded amid rising civilian deaths in Jammu and Kashmir, police said on Wednesday.

Police suspect that the three were killed because they were informants of Indian security forces. There was no way to independently verify the police claim.

Terrorists stormed into the village of Mara Doria in the Rajouri region, 180 kilometres northwest of Jammu, according to the duty officer at the Rajouri police station.

Kalu Din, 25, and Mishri Gujjar, 35, were taken from their homes to a nearby forest and beheaded, he said.

In the adjoining Fabri Dhok village, the attackers took Ghulam Shah, 50, and also decapitated him, the officer said on customary condition of anonymity.

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