August 31, 2004

Iraqi Spy Arrested in Chicago

Nope, no WMD found in his apartment. Also, if you are a lefty just remember that this post is not happening. Disregard what follows because, as we all know, there is no link between Saddam and terrorism. None.


An Iraqi-born man who federal prosecutors say was a "sleeper agent" for Saddam Hussein's spy agency was arrested Monday for allegedly lying on his application to become a U.S. citizen....

The indictment concerns Latchin's 1998 application for citizenship. Asked to list any organizations to which he belonged, he failed to put down Saddam's Baath Party, according to the indictment.

He also did not list that he had been a member of the Iraqi Intelligence Service, the foreign intelligence arm of the Iraqi government, and said three overseas trips he made were vacations when in fact he met with his intelligence handler, according to the indictment. [more]

Hat tip: Ace

Captain Ed and Instapundit late on the scene....but, at least word is getting out.

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