August 31, 2004

8 Killled in Moscow Metro Bombing

I used to ride this metro system everyday. I have friends in Moscow. I'm pissed. I'll update this post later. Via Jeff Quinton.

According to Itar-Tass, the blast was just outside the Rizhskaya metro station. Below is a map of the Moscow metro system. Rizhskaya is on the light orange Kaluzhkaya-Rizhkaya line. It is near the center of the city, just one stop North of the ring line. To put this in perspective, I used to live near Belorusskaya on the brown ring line.

Update: Via McQ at QandO it appears that it was a Chechen Woman who was responsible. Also, via Ace, the evidence now seems to confirm earlier reports that pointed to Chechen women being behind the Russian airline explosions a few days ago. The women, it seems, hid the explosives in a very, er, "awkward place".

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