August 28, 2004

If we weren't in Iraq, there would be no hostages....

...right? Wapo:

An Iraqi militant group has kidnapped two Frenchmen and given the French government 48 hours to end a ban on Muslim headscarves, Arabic television station Al Jazeera said on Saturday.
Now, is that the same France I'm thinking of? Because, to be honest, I'm a bit confused.

Of course, there would be less hostages if we had not invaded Iraq. But, that's just like saying "if people would stop going into the Bear's den, then the Bear would stop killing people in the Bear's den." Yup, true. But the bear is a bear, no matter where he is. We are in a war. We can let the enemy choose the battlefield, or we can choose it ourselves.

(Hat tip: AIR)

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