August 26, 2004

Yes, I'm al Qaeda. So what?

Yemeni Poet Says He Is al-Qaida Member. I am told the confession was written in iambic pentameter.

Update: a poem by Dr. Chaos, with revisions by Keith:

There once was a man from Yemen
Whose breath always smelled of semen
a sign on the door
said, "Come back after 4:00...
I'm out giving head to bin Laden."
Senator Phil goes for broke with an haiku:
Although our man love
Is condemned by the Koran
Osama mounts me.
Apparently the Irish just can't get enough of this poetry stuff:
The al Qaeda poet was sodden
He rhymed to inspire the downtrodden
But a sign on his door
Said come come here no more
It's my duty to die for bin Laden

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