August 24, 2004

Berlesconi to Terrorists: Vaffanculo! (India to supply own KY, sadistic Kenya lookng to make it a gang rape)


The Italian government said Tuesday it would maintain its 3,000 troops in Iraq despite an ultimatum from a radical Muslim group holding an Italian journalist and demanding that Rome withdraw its forces within 48 hours.

A statement from Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's office said the government is prepared to make every effort to secure the release of Enzo Baldoni, a 56-year-old journalist who disappeared last week, but insisted Italian troops would remain in Iraq to help maintain order and security.

The statement said Baldoni was in Iraq in "a private capacity as a journalist and was absolutely not connected to the Italian government."

It said Italy "would abide by its commitments toward the provisional Iraqi government which was legitimized by a United Nations resolution approved unanimously in June."

Italy did not participate in the war on Iraq but now has some 3, 000 troops serving there, mainly as part of a British-led multinational stabilization force in the southern part of the country.

Earlier, Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera broadcast a video of the journalist with a statement from a group calling itself the Islamic Army in Iraq, which gave Rome 48 hours to announce a troop pullout from Iraq.

Vaffanculo, jawas!

Oh, and what is the Hindi phrase for I'm the Bitch? And are the terrorists really aware of the AIDS problem in Africa and how the HIV is spread?

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