August 23, 2004

Zarqawi Website Back Up (Updated)!!

UPDATE: Due to a high volume of requests for Zarqawi's URL, I am unable to give it out anymore. Sorry, just taking up too much of my time. Please check my MAIN PAGE HERE for updates on what Zarqawi's evil minions are posting. If they post a threat or another beheading snuff film, I will let you know along with links and pics.

UPDATE: It appears that the hosting company has taken down the site for good! Less than half an hour after this post went up, the URLs for at least half a dozen terrorist sites hosted by Hosting Anime were shut down. As of this writing, the internet addresses are not valid. Apparantly, the notoriety caused by my previous post forced the host to yank the sites. Thanks to Michelle Malkin and the dozen others (see their referring TrackBacks in my previous post) for getting the word out. Way to go!!

UPDATE II: Nope, up again. Wishful thinking on my part? Well it was completely down for awhile. Did I mention the name of the company that hosts at least a dozen terrorist websites is called Hosting Anime and is an American company? I might have failed to mention that abuse of their servers can be reported to them here. Terrorism is abuse, right?

An internet website with ties to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is back up. The site was hacked over the weekend, as first reported here. The site is used by Zarqawi for propaganda purposes, most notably to release images and video of beheading victims.

Yesterday, the site featured images of an American flag and a crossed-out picture of Ossama bin Laden. A captured image of the webpage can be found in my earlier post. The hacked page featured a warning from the internet hacking group, calling themselves "TeaMz UsA", which read "HoSt Em?....Watch out...wE B ...Cominz 4 U", an apparent message to the company providing hosting to the terrorist web site. The company, Hosting Anime, is reported to rent space on servers owned by Everyone's Internet (EV1), a Houston based company.

Today, surfers reaching Zarqawi's site find downloads of religious fatwas issued against the United States and images of Kim Sun-il and Georgi Lazov, both beheaded by the group. The video of several executions is also available on the site today along with an explanation in English of why Kim Sun-il's execution was justified:

Kim's parents had urged the Seoul government to do
everything to save their son, who had a degree in theology as well as Arabic and had hoped to be Christian missionary in the Arab world.

Yonhap said the president was a devout Christian and the name of the company, which donated 10 percent of its profit for missionary work, was a biblical reference.

Links to the site are not posted here. Please e-mail me for links.

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