August 22, 2004

Al Zarqawi's Website Hacked!!

*******My Pet Jawa Exclusive*************

UPDATE 8/23: The site is back up. See this post for details.

Making the rounds today I was checking out Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's (you may know him from such beheadings as Paul Johnson and Kim Sun-Il) website. Guess was hacked!!! GOOD RIDDANCE!!

The CIA/FBI are making a major mistake allowing these sites to be kept up. The reason? This is war. In a war you take away propaganda outlets from the enemy. Yes, they may help us track down al Qaeda elements, but that is just the point. Tracking down and arresting al Qaeda is a police function. Treating the War on Terror as a police matter is Clintonesque and is what got us 9/11. We need to shut all these sites down. They are valuable tools for the enemy.

Here is what Zarqawi's site looked like as of a few minutes after midnight. The hackers left a tag, but their site only displays the hacker tag 'TeaMz UsA'. Praise Allah for hackers!!! Click the image for larger pic.

I didn't link to the site intentionally, for fear that it might come back online at some point in the future. E-mail me if you want the URL. It's not a big secret, but we don't need to be giving an al Qaeda linked website any more traffic than necessary.

UPDATE: Thanks to Michell Malkin for linking this post. I am now getting the most vile e-mails by people who think they are mailing her. A) It shows what morons they are B) I feel very sorry for her. I knew there was a lot of hate out there, but some of this is just psycho. PS-The trolls are also out...don't feed them after midnight.

PS-Unfortunately the crew at 'TeaMz UsA' missed a page. I have the URL and am more than glad to share it with any hacker who thinks they can take down the page. Just e-mail me anonymously at mypetjawa-at-yahoo-dot-com.

UPDATE: Due to a large number of requests and my personal time constraints I am unable to give out the URL any longer. To date no hacker has taken down Zarqawi's backup site, even though his original site is down. Please go to my MAIN PAGE HERE for updates on what Zarqawi is posting. I often post still images from his website and links to the various beheading films he releases there.

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