August 15, 2004

Swiftboat Meme Intercepted from Politburo

Most of you know I am guest blogging over at the Politburo Diktat while the Commissar is off to the gulag. Checking the Commissar's daily e-mail, I came across the following meme. Proceed at your own caution. Posession of this meme is said to carry an instant death sentence.


From: Atrios, MiniTru Undersecretary for Propaganda
To: Commissar, Washington Post, NY Times, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Reuters, AP Affiliates Listserv
CC: Kos, Drum, Marshall, Jesse Taylor, Oliver Willis,
BCC: AS (aka, The Mole), DA (aka, The Costa Rican), JG (aka, The Moderate)
RE: New Kerry Campaign Photo.


Fraternal Socialist Greetings! It has come to MiniTru's attention that counter-revolutionary elements have been distributing unapproved memes on the life and times of a high placed sleeper agent (codename: Manchurian Candidate). While MiniTru's crack legal team is doing all it can to stop this reactionary propaganda and other lies about Manchurian Candidate's efforts to further worldwide peace, we believe more can be done on this front.

Therefore, with the assistance of tavarisch emigre, Mini Tru has produced the following meme. It should be distributed immediately:

PS-The following is an example of Trotskyite propaganda. All copies are to be destroyed immediately.

(via reactionaries at Iowa Pres Watch)

Please include appropriate support in weekly editorials discrediting reactionary Swift Boat Veterans. These veterans are Party approved, are more representative of veterans in general, and may be used for guest editorials.

Your fraternal socialist brother,
Atrios, MiniTru Undersecretary for Propaganda

XXX Destroy all copies of this meme after receipt XXX


Clenched fist salute: emigre. He designed the meme. In spite of his tireless efforts at producing Party approved photo, he is right-wing reactionary. Do not inspekt his site!


(spasebo bolshoi Allah)

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