August 12, 2004

Beheading Victim Egyptian, Not American

Notice they're called The Green Brigade. I assume it has something to do with the sacred color of the Religion of Peas. More below.

UPDATE: Just as I posted this I found another story from the Hindustan Times:

One Islamic Web site carried the video with the headline: "Beheading an Egyptian agent of the CIA."

One commentator on another forum cited reports of the beheading of an Egyptian spy and asked if this was the same man. ....

On the tape, a man was heard telling the captive in Arabic "put down your hand, this is the last time, next time I will gouge your eyes out." Then in English, he tells the captive, "open your eyes, open your eyes."

I had earlier speculated that the victim was an Iraqi local, probably Kurdish. The note around the victims neck was a dead give away, at the least, that he was not a CIA agent.


A little-known Iraqi militant group has claimed responsibility for the apparent beheading of a captive the group identified as an American C.I.A. agent.

In a statement posted on an Islamist website, the group called "The Green Brigade" said it takes full responsibility for the capture and slaying of the captive. "The Green Brigade" claimed to be a splinter movement from the militant group led by Jordanian-born terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

A video posted on the Internet Wednesday purportedly shows Iraqi militants beheading a man identified as a C.l.A. agent. But U.S. officials say the Central Intelligence Agency has accounted for all its agents and that none are missing. U.S. officials say they are investigating to determine the identity of the apparent victim and if the video is authentic.

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