August 09, 2004

Kerry's Main Swiftboat Defender Served With Him Less Than a Week!

Captain Ed has been following this one pretty closely and pretty much demolishes Kerry's rejoinders to the Swifties. NZ Bear thinks the Swiftie campaign would be the undoing of the Kerry candidacy--this was BEFORE NZ Bear knew about this. Novak knocks one out of the park:

O'Neill told me that these former sailors served with Kerry no more than five weeks. Jim Rassmann, now part of the Kerry presidential campaign, was a Special Forces lieutenant spending a few days with Kerry when he fell or was knocked off the swift boat while under fire and was fished out of the Mekong River by the future candidate.
Wait a second, let me get this straight, the main defender of Kerry's 'band of brothers', the man who viciously attacks the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth for not serving on John Kerry's boat, only served with him for a couple of days!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? All the reports I had ever seen about this man was that John Kerry had saved his life--not that they only served together a couple of days.

This is a totally devestating revelation to me and completely undermines the Kerry camp's assertions.

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