August 09, 2004

Kerry's 'Secret Plan' Revealed...sort of

John Kerry laid out his heretofore 'Secret Plan for Bringing Home the Troops' in an op-ed in USA Today. James Joyner does a first-rate job of deconstructing the plan, as does McQ. My thoughts run along similar lines, but I wanted to add a few sentiments:

• Lead NATO to make the security of Iraq one of its global missions and to deploy a significant portion of the force needed to secure and win the peace there. NATO participation will open the door to greater international involvement from non-NATO countries.
I love this one. File this under the Personality Theory of International Relations. Kerry is an absolute idiot. He believes the reason NATO isn't more involved is because George W. Bush (or his administration) doesn't have the leadership capacity to get NATO on board. McQ, rightly, notes that most NATO countries are already on board and James sarcastically asks if this is the same NATO with Germany and France in it? Also, is this the same NATO that is fudging out of it's commitments in Afghanistan--a war that NATO supported (link via Right on Red):
[there is] confusion and delay [over] Nato's provision of extra troops it promised to bolster security for the landmark presidential elections due on 9 October.... there has still been no announcement of when they [the fresh NATO troops] are coming. Meanwhile, the security situation has deteriorated, with mounting attacks on election workers registering voters.
What Kerry is really saying is that Germany and France would cooperate, if only a different President was in office. This theory of international relations completely overlooks the notion of national interest---that nations act in certain ways because it is in their interest to do so. So why would a Kerry administration somehow change the national interests of France and Germany? This is a naive theory of how the world works...and dangerous!!
• Internationalize the reconstruction efforts in Iraq to end the continuing perception of a U.S. occupation and help coordinate the rebuilding.
Since we have already done this, and continue to do so, this is a non-sequitor. This is the I will do what Bush is doing, but since I'm not Bush I will do it better theory of public administration. John Kerry must believe he has super-human powers. It's like saying a new coach could bring more wins over the last one, however the new coach will use the same playbook. Again, file this under a theory in which personality is the driving force behind public policy. Same policy + different administration = success. Again, naive and dangerous.
• Launch a massive and accelerated training effort to build Iraqi security forces that can provide real security for the Iraqi people, including a major role for NATO. This is not a task for America alone; we must join as a partner with other nations.
Again, somehow NATO would get more involved if only there was a different administration. Utterly stupid. Also, if Kerry wants more training to be given to the new Iraqi forces, why the hell isn't he in the Senate authoring a Bill that would fund this project of his--if it is something different than what the administration is already doing? Oops, I forgot, Kerry is too busy to try to get his 'new' not-really-a-plan-plan going in the Senate. How many Bills has Kerry voted on this year, anyway?
• Plan for Iraq's future by working with our allies to forgive Iraq's multibillion-dollar debt and involve our allies in the development of a new Iraqi constitution and the political arrangements needed to protect minority rights. At the same time, we should convene a regional conference with Iraq's neighbors to secure a pledge of respect for Iraq's borders and non-interference in Iraq's national affairs.
Err....again, what is new about this? Kerry's plan is to impose his will on the Saudis or the Kuwaitis, both of which have said they will not forgive Iraq's debt. How about France? Does he know something about France that I don't? Somehow France will be forgive Iraq's debt--the same France that loaned Iraq money, even during the embargo, so that Iraq could buy French goods prohibited them under US law!!!!!!!!!!!!

People, Kerry is more dangerous than I thought. His is a classic example of an ego run amuck. He believes that his personality can somehow change the course of history and the interest of nations. This is not a 'realistic plan' as he claims. It is sheer fantasy.

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