August 07, 2004

Religion of Beheadings Update: Benjamin Vanderford, Asshat

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Via Paul at Wizbang this report:

A video aired today that purportedly showed an American being decapitated was a hoax.

The man from San Francisco, said he videotaped the staged beheading at his friend’s house using fake blood.

On the tape, Benjamin Vanderford, 22, sat on a chair in a dark room, his hands behind his back, trembling and rocking back and forth.

The tape showed a hand with a knife cutting at the motionless man’s neck but did not show any militants.

I'm glad I added the caveat that this may be a hoax at the end of this post. The sad thing? This guy may actually win the seat he's running for in the upside-down world of San Francisco!!

No, his name is not Benjamin Ford, it is Benjamin Vanderford. Remember that name. This guy deserves far worse than losing his seat. This is the kind of guy who you SHOULD spit on if you meet him in the street. No, this is the kind of guy that you punch in the face should you meet him in the street.

Imagine the widow of Paul Johnson watching this dickhead? The grievous sympathy. The tears. Then to find out it was an anti-war hoax?

Words cannot describe this guy.

The original post (luckily made only five minutes ago), is below.


Add one more to the list of the victims of the Religion of Peas. That makes fourteen hostages murdered in cold blood since 9/11. There names can be found at the end of this post. From ABC News:

New video aired Saturday purportedly shows a San Francisco man being depacitated moments after he urges the United States to end its occupation of Iraq.
Lest we forget, it is SOP for the terro-zombies to force their victims to make such statements. It is possible, though, that he really believes this.
The man on the tape identified himself as what sounds like Benjamin Vanderford, from San Francisco. He sat on a chair in a dark room, his hands behind his back, trembling and rocking back and forth.

The tape showed a hand with a knife cutting at the motionless man's neck, but did not show his head actually removed from the body.

The man on the tape says he lives at 1510 Eddy Street in San Francisco. A Ben Vanderford listed at that address has a Web site in which he says he is running for supervisor of San Francisco's District 5. The picture of Vanderford on the Web site closely resembles that of the man on the video.

"We need to leave this country alone. We need to stop this occupation," he said, adding that he had been offered for exchange with prisoners in Iraq.

"We need to leave this country right now," he said. "Everyone's going to be killed this way."

Unlike in previous videos of hostage killings, no militants were seen on the footage. He was clad in a t-shirt, not the orange jumpsuit that other hostages have been dressed in.

The video was titled "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Slaughters an American" and had no indication of when, or where, it was made. Zarqawi is an al-Qaida linked militant whose group, Tawhid and Jihad, has claimed responsibility for numerous deadly attacks across Iraq, including the beheadings of U.S. businessman Nicholas Berg, South Korean translator Kim Sun-il and a Bulgarian man, Georgi Lazov.

Ok, so it is possible that this is a hoax. At least, that is how I read the report. [he, he...also in the original post. What can I say? This kind of stunk]

Updates will be frequent.

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UPDATE: Wild Bill has the video at his site.

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