August 03, 2004

Plastic Surgery for Bloggers

So this is what it feels like when the doves cry? Some important linkage for the day. Since my sitemeter is in spike mode, might as well practice Reaganomics and see if the trickle down theory works for my buds who deserve some traffic.

Bloggers who have had plastic surgery:
Professor Chaos (third nipple removed) on the Two Americas.
James Joyner (buttock implants) with some practical advice for Bush.
Senator Pundit (testicle reconstruction) about to pop the question.
Kevin (penis extension) on Michael Moore's chances of an oscar.
Chris Cross (laser hair removal at bikiniline) on NY Times terror reporting.
Ace (liposuction) on Alan Keyes vs. Obama bin Laden.
Cameron's (hair plugs) neighbor is no Joey Ramone.
Robert (false calfs) on classical music or some such crap.
Commissar (botox) on the inevetable consequences of liberalism.
BRD (multiple moles removed) on the Sistani fatwa.
Jeff Quinton (tummy tuck) gives Senior Spielberg the cyber finger.
Scott (collagen injections) has the goods on UN/Darfurgate.
Scott Talkington (otoplasty) has more on the Kerry bounce.
The Air Marshal (eyelid surgery) has a nuanced opinion of the war in Iraq.
David Anderson (skin bleaching) on negro conservatives.
Simon (facelift) says China is going to help him with the results of his enemablogs.
Captain Ed (browlift) has more on the Kerry secret plan to end the war.
Johnny Walker's (chin extension) good news @ Chappelle (except Rick James).

Bloggers who I've seen naked (and don't need plastic surgery!):
Jane is ready to invade Israel
Michelle Malkin defends internmentss.
HAC is going hightech with Blogger.
Allah got himself 72 virgins with his bod, so he won't need Kerry's new book.

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