August 02, 2004

Bush 'Jobless Recovery' vs. Clinton 'Miracle Economy'

Kerry's official campaign website says "America is still in the worst job recovery since the Great Depression...". Big claim, but is it true?

Last week I offered this post as evidence that the claim is a lie. Thanks to the many readers who gave such good input on how the post could have been improved.

As further evidence that the Kerry campaign is lying, and since the media continues to ignore the obvious, I offer the following graphs. All data was gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The first graph shows the total number of people officially listed as unemployed (x 1000). The second graph shows the unemployment rate. Both graphs show a 13 month period. For Clinton this was from Jan. 1992 to Jan. 1993. Even though the the economy was recovering before he took office, I chose that month because Clinton cannot be credited with any jobs prior to his coming to office. For Bush, the graphs show June 2003 (peak unemployment) to June 2004 (latest data available).

I'll let you be the judge on which recovery is better.



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