August 02, 2004

War on Terror: Bigger, Longer, Uncut

My heroes, the creators of South Park, are at it again, but this time it's the War on Terror. You can check out the trailor for Team America:World Police here.

Drudge reports that the White House is not happy:

I really do not think terrorism is funny, and I would suggest PARAMOUNT give respect to those fighting and sacrificing to keep America safe," a senior Bush adviser told the DRUDGE REPORT this weekend...

"This is just unconscionable. Not funny. And I believe it makes fun of everyone in law enforcement... and in the armed services who work tirelessly to keep us safe from harm."

I think the White House has it all wrong. They just don't get it. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are hardcore hawkish libertarians, just like me. If anything, this film will serve as an antitode to F/911.

Also, if you can't laugh at the War on Terror, what can you laugh at? The reason I started this blog was because of a SP episode called "Osama bin Laden has farty pants," which is Stone and Parker's tribute to WWII propaganda cartoons. Comedy can be an essential tool in the War on Terror inasmuch as it makes fun of our enemies.

Listen to this clip of Osama wooing the love of his life--a camel! Does that sound like anti-war Bush bashing? They may bash Bush, on occasion, but not over the war.

The trailor only lists one Republican who, it claims, will be mad over the film: George W. Bush.

But let's look at all the D's and lefties the film will piss off (again, according to the trailor and in order):

Alec Baldwin
Sean Penn
Tim Robbins
George Clooney (who I suspect is in on the joke)
Liv Tyler
Susan Sarandon
Martin Sheen
Janeane Garofalo
Michael Moore
John Kerry
Kim Jong Il

The film appears to be a play on the new Thunderbirds movie, set for release this week---only Trey and Matt stick with the original puppet format.

From the trailor, the following things can be seen which will definitely cheer up the Bush people. First, there is a quick blurb of a puppet (Kerry or Edwards?) getting what appears to be a botox injection. Second, there is a Michael Moore puppet. What is in his hand? A hot dog. Third, several shots are of places/people in France getting blown up.

From an article about some clips that were shown at this years Comic-Con we also learn that, " the opening of the film in which France is obliterated by Team America" got a loud applause.

Now, does that sound like an anti-war movie to you?

Drudge, to his credit, saves this for last:

Parker and Stone save most of the mocking for left-wing pundits and Michael Moore.
Just remember the South Park formula: Tragedy + Time = Comedy

As for me, I'm going to buy my ticket early and make sure the theater has stadium seating and THX sound!

This site has a cool poem marking the occasion!

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