July 30, 2004

US Attacked: US/Israeli Embassy Bombed in Uzbekistan


Simultaneous bomb attacks struck the U.S. and Israeli embassies in Uzbekistan as well as the state prosecutor's office in the capital Tashkent Friday, killing at least two people and wounding five.

The action appeared clearly coordinated, days after the start of a trial in Tashkent of 15 suspected Islamist extremists on charges of trying to overthrow the ex-Soviet state in connection with attacks in March that killed nearly 50 people.

Remember, a US embassy is the sovereign soil of the US. These terrorists have just declared war on the US.

UPDATE: Good news, no American casualties but....

Outside the heavily fortified American compound, a body believed to be that of a homicide bomber lay in the street across from the entrance.

For updates I suggest Jeff Quinton and the Command Post

Update: Best observation by Jane:"Once we reestablish our alliances with France and Germany, this won't happen any more."

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