July 28, 2004

Two more for the list?

Via Jeff Quinton (again) comes this:

A militant group holding two Pakistani contractors hostage said on Wednesday it had killed the men, according to the Pan-Arab television station Al-Jazeera
We'll wait and see on this one. This is not Zarqawi's group claiming responsibility and the last time a group calling itself some variation of "Islamic Army in Iraq" claimed to have killed hostages it turned out to be a hoax. As we've seen, these bastards don't like to ice one of their own. I guess they find it....unpleasant. Or, more likely, they understand that Muslims will tolerate the killing of infidels, but not fellow Muslims.

When I get confirmation I will add them to the list, lest we forget: Raja Azad and Sajad Naeem

UPDATE: The Pakistani Embassy has confirmed that the two are dead.

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