July 27, 2004

Is Massachussettes More Liberal Than France?

Gay Marriage + France + Lawyers.....Hillarity ensues. BBC NEWS (Via No Pasaran).

France's first gay marriage, which was conducted last month by a local mayor, has been annulled by a court. The tribunal in Bordeaux declared the marriage of Stephane Chapin and Bertrand Charpentier "null and void".
Am I ashamed that courts in France are more responsible than courts in the US at correctly interpreting fundamental law? Yes.

So where will all those America haters go now that France has joined the 'right-wing' at upholding the traditional definition of marriage?

PS-A) Notice what party the mayor who performed the wedding belonged to B) Notice that the French took the 'bold' move of suspending the mayor. Govs. of CA and MA take note:

The mayor, Noel Mamere of the Green Party, was suspended for a month after defying government warnings that he would be breaking the law when he wed the two men in the town of Begles.

UPDATE: James Joyner has this to say:

I agree with Rusty, though, that the French courts got this one right whereas the US courts, at least in Massachussets, got it wrong. Fundamental social changes should happen organically through the legislature rather than be imposed by the judiciary. It's not only the way the system was designed but is essential for legitimacy. I believe gay marriage will become "normal" in short order and that voters in the less conservatives states will insist on change soon, probably less than a decade from now.
The question, of course, is should gay marriage become 'normal'? I don't think it should. As a libertarian I might tolerate it, but I would never accept it as normal.

Also, the word 'organic' implies that social change is not deliberate--that it just sort of happens. But can anyone really argue that people's acceptance of 'gay as normal' has been anything but tied to a deliberate attempt by the media at presenting 'gay' culture as normal?

Ahem. Anybody? Remember the old running joke on Threes Company? Gay Jack Tripper.

Fast forward to the early 1990's and Seinfeld "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Then Queer as Folk.

See how this is progressing?

If gay marriage ever becomes culturally legitimized, it will not be because we recognized the error of our ways and repented. It will be because we believe the myth that gay culture is just like straight culture--only different. This is only true if NY/Holywood serve as proxies for straight culture. But straight culture is not Sex in the City nor is it The OC.

So, call me homophobic.

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